Tuesday, July 01, 2003
Greed greed greed

Al Davis is still bitching and moaning that he was duped into returning the Raiders to Oakland. What an ass!

First of all, this guy is so greedy it's beyond comprehension. He is a control freak who won't allow his coaches to coach. He has totally disregarded the fans time and time again, first by taking the team to "greener" pastures, then teasing a return in 1989 (one reason many fans are still bitter), and finally putting money ahead of the game. He then expects the city to guarantee weekly sellout crowds and gets peeved when the games go half empty, suing an already broke city and screwing over the taxpayers.

Now tell me, Al, why the hell should I spend my hard-earned dollars on YOUR team? You don't care about the fans, and the fans don't care to show up and line your pockets. Even your winning teams haven't guaranteed that the fans will show up, because the fans can't stand the head of the Raider organization or the attitude that he exudes. Look across the bay to the 49ers organization-- a team that has sold out just about every game for 20 years. They even had a couple of losing seasons, but the fans still showed up. Why? Because people like the organization and their focus is WINNING. Not making money, but WINNING. Because when you win football games, the fans usually show up.

The Niners have made mistakes. But ultimately it's almost impossible to dislike that team and the folks who run it. Al Davis, on the other hand, shouldn't let the door hit him on the way out. Go back to LA. We don't want your team and the gangsta, newbie "fans" that you brought back from LA. We have enough good football here without you, and it's time that the city of Oakland cuts its losses.

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