Saturday, July 05, 2003
Bonne chance, Lance!

Graham Watson

These days, there is something very satisfying about an American going over to France to show them how to do things right. For years the French press have tried, in vain, to discredit his unparalleled strength, speed and endurance with accusations of doping. The "fans" have tried to get in his way. Race organizers have designed the course to be more "competitive". Fact is, nobody has been able to stop him, or even slow him down. For four years running, he has given his one-man bicycle racing clinic over three weeks in July, and he shows no sign of giving up the maillot jaune any time soon. He is, quite possibly, the greatest cyclist in history. All this, and he wasn't even supposed to live past the age of 26.

"Regardless of one victory, two victories, four victories, there's never been a victory by a cancer survivor. That's a fact that hopefully I'll be remembered for." - Lance Armstrong

Despite the fact that we don't get OLN in these parts, I'll be watching this year's Tour de France once again with much anticipation, hoping he wins #5. He is an American icon, and more important, a beacon of human spirit and strength.

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