Wednesday, July 30, 2003
Bay Area Blech!

There is a San Francisco radio morning show that I used to listen to on a daily basis. They play good music, and they usually only talked about pop culture, music news, sports news.... generally light local events.

Then they got a Euro-weenie producer who hails from Ireland, and it all went down hill. He is such a leftie, socialist moonbat it's not even funny, and he doesn't even try to hide it. So now the show has turned into a leftie-socialist love fest, complete with lovie-dovie interviews with Michael Moore and unbridled Bush bashing, all led by the leftie-socialist producer. They try to feign balance with an occasoinal segment, "Equal Time with Ben Stein", but while interviews with the likes of Michael Moore are friendly and open-ended, Ben Stein's interviews are recorded several days in advance and chopped down to about five minutes. Equal time, my ass.

So today they were talking about our upcoming Governor's recall election, and took an informal poll: would you vote to recall Davis, and who would you vote for? Most people said they wouldn't vote to recall Davis, and said they'd vote for the DJ for Governor.

Then a listener declared that she'd like to have Tim Robbins become Governor, and Susan Sarandon as Lieutenant Governor. She said "we really need to have a liberal voice in California government." Huh?! Where the heck has she been living? This state officially became a Socialist hell hole in November. If anything, we need a Conservative voice in our government-- a Governor who practices more fiscal responsibility and less political correctness. It never ceases to amaze me that all the liberals and leftie socialists think that our state isn't liberal/socialist enough.

Well, the producer loved the Robbins/Sarandon idea, as did two of the morning show personalities. The news guy, who doesn't advertise his left-leanings, said it would be great to have a true liberal become governor, but that those two just freak him out. That's putting it mildly. What's even freakier is that the lefties in this area won't be satisfied until California adopts the Socialist system from top to bottom.

Get me out of here.

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