Friday, June 06, 2003
Welcome to America

People who were born and raised in this great country should know better than to think that their religious pseudo-laws trump our nation's laws.

Judge: Woman Can't Wear Veil in ID Photo

After hearing three days of testimony last week, Circuit Judge Janet C. Thorpe ruled that Sultaana Freeman's right to free exercise of religion would not be infringed by having to show her face on her license.

Thorpe said the state "has a compelling interest in protecting the public from criminal activities and security threats," and "having access to photo image identification is essential to promote that interest."

. . .

Freeman, a convert to Islam previously known as Sandra Kellar, started wearing a veil in 1997. She had a mug shot taken without the veil after her arrest in Illinois in 1998 on a domestic battery charge involving one of twin 3-year-old sisters who were in her foster care.

Child welfare workers told investigators that Freeman and her husband had used their concerns about religious modesty to hinder them from looking for bruises on the girls, according to the police records. The girls were removed from the home. [emphasis added]

Thank you, Judge Thorpe, for helping the state in their duty to protect us from criminals. After all, Ms. Freeman isn't exactly a beacon of innocence, now is she? Especially considering how she has used her cries for "religious freedom" before.

When people fight like this about keeping their identity hidden, there is more to it than just religion. There is usually an ulterior motive.

On a side note: she claims that she needs to drive to care for her two children. I have to wonder why somebody who is obviously an unfit parent has two children. One has to assume that they are her biological children, as leaving foster kids in her care would be crazy. But that would also be par for the course when it comes to child welfare in the state of Florida.

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