Saturday, June 21, 2003
Taking care of business

The IDF have killed a Hamas terrorist leader, Abdullah Kawasme, who allegedly planned the terrorist bombing of a bus that killed 16 innocent civilians in Jerusalem last week. Of course, in the tradition of our media here, Reuters refers to him as a "militant", Hamas as a "militant group".

Good riddance.

In other news, as Israel continues to do its part in the so-called "Road Map" (-- To Hell) by dismantling more settlements, another Israeli was killed, three injured, in the West Bank yesterday, for the high crime of being a Jew and driving in a Palestinian area. The "militant group" Hamas sent their well-wishes soon after. In living up to their obligations set forth in the RMTH, Palestinians have made the following good-faith efforts to promote peace in the area: left two bomb-laden bicycles at Israeli checkpoints, fired mortars into a Jewish settlement in the Gaza Strip, killed a grocery store owner, fired a rocket into Israel, and killed a 7-year old girl who was traveling in a car with her family. Abu Mazen is cracking down on the rogue "militant groups" by offering them positions in the Palestinian government. Yeah, I can see exactly where this roadmap is leading.

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