Monday, June 30, 2003
Taking bets

All the champagne bottles are popping, and the media are just thrilled. There has been a cease-fire called in Israel!

Funny thing: I didn't realize that the terrorist groups were party to these suicidal road-map talks. The media reports are brilliant. They have marvelled at the Palestinian organizations' (read: Hamas, Islamic Jihad, PFLP, AMB, etc.) generous surrender of their suicide belts. They have become poets in describing the huge historic step this has been, because it certainly has never happened before, right? And one journalist reminded us that we should not be comfortable yet, as the IDF still controls much of the Palestinian territories. You know, the territories that Israel captured when her loving neighbors threatened her existence? Those "Palestinian" territories are still crawling with the IDF, which, you know, might inflame the otherwise innocent Palestinians who would be studying to become doctors, but instead are learning the art of bomb-making.

So now begins a countdown. I guarantee that this worthless, meaningless hudna will not last (hell, it's already failed). Those terrorist organizations that our media love to legitimize are simply cleaning out their guns and putting their belts under the bed for now, while accumulating more ammunition and explosives materials for the imminent continuation of their Jihad. This has happenend before, and is just part and parcel of the never-ending charade of the Palestinians who want nothing less than everything. They continue to play the Americans and other westerners for fools, and the media are eating it up.

Let's not forget that, according to many, especially the bleeding hearts who think that Israel is the big bully on the playground, it's aaaaaaaall Israel's fault. Because they are the "strong" ones. Because they should be taking the punches, while trying to understand why they are being punched. Because they are but a teeeny-weeeeny percentage in terms of the size and number of their foes.... oh, wait, that's a moot point to the bleeding hearts.

Our friends at the Palestinian/Islamist terrorist mouthpiece Al-Guardian, in Jew-loathing Europe, have published yet another glowing, unbiased piece:

Israel dismisses intifada truce

This could be considered satire, only it's "real" journalism [all emphasis added]:

  • A Palestinian cabinet minister, Yasser Abed Rabbo, welcomed the ceasefire and called on the Israeli government to reciprocate by "declaring an end to all violence against Palestinians as is required in the road map". [ed: The murder of five soldiers by those Palestinian terrorists, which preceded the Israeli response on Mr. Rantisi, not to mention the numerous other attacks and murders, apparently are not forbidden by the road map. And the release of prisoners, plus the start of the settlement dismantlement, are also not part of the roadmap.]
  • Ms Rice, who is in Israel and the West Bank to force along the peace process after it stalled following a botched Israeli attempt to assassinate a Hamas leader, reiterated George Bush's demand that the Palestinian Authority use the ceasefire to disarm and dismantle "terrorist groups", as required by the road map. [ed: Point made above. The Palestinian attacks did nothing to "stall" the road map, just the Israeli response. Disarm and dismantle the terrorist groups? Who are we kidding? Mazen keeps repeating that he will NOT crack down on the terrorists. So why should they stop? He scores many political points when he leaves the crack down to the IDF.]
  • Although the truce was declared to be immediate, it was also conditional on a "total cessation of all forms of Zionist aggression", including Israeli military assassinations, closures around Palestinian cities and the siege on Mr Arafat's compound. [ed: Perhaps Israel can get back to minding her own business when all the Pal terrorists stop sending over their terrorists. Oh, wait, "Zionist aggression" is double-speak for the existence of Israel.]
  • Ms Rice met the Israeli and Palestinian prime ministers at the weekend. She confronted Mr Sharon and members of his cabinet about the 200-mile "security" wall being built along the length of the West Bank. She said the US viewed the wall, which runs deep into occupied territory in places and cuts off Palestinians from their land, as "an attempt to demarcate a political border" and pre-empt a negotiated settlement on frontiers. [ed: Nice sneer quotes around security. After all, Israel has no "security" worries, and they are just building the wall 'cause they want to make the borders that much more obvious. May I ask who really said it's an "attempt to demarcate a political border"? It's hard to believe, if it was said, that it wasn't just for show. But any kind of "pressure" we apply on Israel, especially when it appears critical of Israel, is cause célèbre for the folks in the media.]
  • Mr Sharon has made a show of sending in the army to destroy a dozen or so uninhabited outposts, and to confront settlers at an inhabited settlement the day before a visit to Israeli by Colin Powell. But outposts have been going up faster than the army takes them down, with no apparent government effort to stop it. [ed: Again, Israel = instigator, Pals = victims. Sharon has "made a show"? They forgot to mention the "show" of releasing the men who have murdered numerous Israelis..... but that would be too much credit where it's due. Israel bad, Pals good. Israel's actions in accordance with the roadmap are all show, but the Palestinian actions in defiance of the roadmap are justified. Can somebody PLEASE explain???]

This is typical reporting from the media, and the Guardian is living up to its own standards. As long as the situation is reported in this manner, people will never really understand the real issues. Notice how anything that Israel does is met with cynicism. Nowhere in this article do they mention the murder of hundreds of innocent Israeli civilians, but every chance they get, they mention the "plight of the Palestinians".

There will be no peace until the PA cracks down (with a very heavy hand) on those terrorist groups, instead of just the usual "negotiation". There will be no peace as long as Arafat continues to undermine all efforts. We can hope that his time will soon be up, either by a natural death or a bullet to the head. And there will be no peace as long as the "civilized" world continues to expect Israel to negotiate with those who kill her innocent citizens, or as long as the world thinks they know what's best and continues to pressure her into doing things that we would never do. That also goes with condemning Sharon for doing exactly what we are doing in Afghanistan and Iraq right now. Hypocrisy at its worst.

Still pessimistic. The countdown begins.

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