Friday, June 06, 2003
Spoiled rich men

People who know me know that I am a big fan of Oracle and its playboy CEO (not). After four years at a rival database company, I have been effectively brainwashed, though I truly believe that Oracle has an inferior product to that of my former company, which has since been purchased by a software Goliath. I also happen to like PeopleSoft, because they were started in my home town and have managed to succeed in a highly cutthroat industry. So the news that Oracle has made a bid for a hostile takeover of PeopleSoft is beyond interesting; it's a story with several sub-stories. The best part of this news are the lines coming from PeopleSoft's CEO, Craig Conway, who spent several years working for Larry Ellison at Oracle. You can see the love between the two based on Conway's remarks, which have been hilariously in-your-face:

PeopleSoft CEO Comments On Oracle Offer

PeopleSoft President and CEO Craig Conway commented on Oracle's cash tender offer calling it "atrociously bad behavior from a company with a history of atrociously bad behavior. Obviously it is a transparent attempt to disrupt the acquisition of J.D. Edwards by PeopleSoft announced earlier this week," said Conway.

I'll second the "atrociously bad behavior" comment.

Oracle Bid for PeopleSoft Ups CEO Rivalry

"It was like Larry was driving by, spotted a really nice wedding in progress and crashed it with a shotgun and said, 'This bride's going to marry me' at the end of a barrel. It's a pathetic tactic even by Oracle standards," Conway, chief executive and president of PeopleSoft, told Reuters in an interview.

I'll be watching this closely as it unfolds. Amusing.

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