Tuesday, June 10, 2003
Rap this

U.S. Raps Israel for Attack Threatening Peace Plan

So where was the "rap" when Palestinian terrorists, dressed as IDF soldiers, killed five IDF soldiers? Where is the "rap" for Abbas sitting on his laurels doing exactly NOTHING while Israel releases Jew-killers and takes down settlements? Why the "rap" for targeting the heads of known terrorist organizations, while we call for the heads of al Qaeda and Iraq, DEAD OR ALIVE?

Can the US be any more hypocritical than we are being right now? Hey Israel, release the terrorists you have locked up, but never mind that we will never do the same. Hey Israel, negotiate with known terrorists, but hope you don't notice we refuse to do the same. Hey Israel, don't target terrorist leaders for assassination, but watch us while we drop bunker-busting bombs where Saddam *might* be. I fully support the methods we have used to deal with terrorists, and I expect that we would support another nation to handle terrorists with an iron fist also.

The hypocrisy of my country at this moment is astounding. Bush needs to stop consulting with Powell on this one, and bring in Rummy. I'm disgusted.

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