Saturday, June 21, 2003
Palestinian living conditions = Warsaw ghetto

A self-hating Jew, who is also a British legislator, has compared the Palestinian living conditions in Gaza to those of Jews in the Warsaw ghetto. Two British lawmakers compare Gaza to Warsaw ghetto

Legislator Oona King of the governing Labor Party said Thursday that the Gaza conditions are "the same in nature but not extent" as the notorious walled ghetto in Poland's capital, where Jews were corralled and oppressed by Adolf Hitler's Nazis.

I don't recall the IDF corralling the Palestinians into their filthy territories. Last I checked, they started building the wall in the past three years, as Israel's citizens have been subjected to constant terrorist attacks.

"No government should be behaving like that — least of all a Jewish government," said King, who represents the east London district of Bethnal Green and Bow and is herself Jewish.

King, who traveled to Israel with Jenny Tonge of the Liberal Democrat party, stressed the "very, very big difference" between Gaza and the Warsaw ghetto is that "Palestinians are not being rounded up and put in gas chambers.

"What makes it similar is what happened to the Jewish people in that time which was the seizing of land, being forced from property, torture and bureaucracy — control used in a demeaning way over the smallest task," she told a news conference.

"On top of that building a wall around them, and that is precisely what the Israeli government is doing," King said. "In doing so it is building a political ghetto. I don't think it can escape that conclusion."

Tonge said Palestinians in Gaza could get in or out without scrutiny and "they can't work, they can't sell anything. There is this gradual squeeze."

"I feel it was an apartheid system and it is certainly getting worse — the area where the Palestinians live is getting smaller," she said.

A couple of thoughts:

~ Thank goodness she astutely pointed out that the JEWS aren't rounding 'em up and throwing them into the ovens! Heaven knows everybody will draw that conclusion when you make comparisons to the Warsaw ghetto, and, if it's apartheid, Nazi Israel, everybody will believe it.

~ When a country tries in vain to stop terrorist attacks on its citizens, every method should be considered. Jews in Poland were rounded up and placed behind the wall because they were Jewish. Israel is building the wall in yet another attempt to keep out terrorists. Yet somehow, Israel's attempts to protect herself from terrorists are always worse (humiliating! demeaning! apartheid!) than the terrorist strikes themselves. Just as Jenin was a "massacre", and the Passover terrorist attack that prompted it was a quickly forgotten "militant" attack, Israeli blood just doesn't deserve the same kind of outrage or attention as Palestinian blood. Israel actions = BAD! Palestinian actions = "well, uh, er, can you BLAME them?"

~ Palestinians can't get in or out without scrutiny because THEIR FELLOW "COUNTRYMEN" ARE KILLING ISRAELIS. They've been using the open borders against Israel ad nauseum, so Israel had to seal them up. That's the nature of the beast. Don't blame Israel for its attempts to protect its citizenry, blame those who forced Israel to clamp down on its borders. The "squeeze" didn't exist a mere three years ago.

~ Final thought. This comparison to the Warsaw ghetto is very typical of those who don't like Israel and sympathize with the folks who bring war upon themselves. Turning the group that was victim to Hitler's atrocities into the group that is now inflicting the atrocities has been a debating point of the Israel-loathers since the birth of Israel, especially since the Six Day War. (How astonishing that a Jewish government would behave this way!) Taking the facts into consideration (I know, facts phooey), it's like comparing apples to oranges. The Jews of Warsaw were not engaged in "armed struggle" (two can play this game) against Hitler's government. Quite the contrary-- they were law-abiding, contributing members of Polish and German society who were rounded up solely for the star on their arm band.

Some things will never change.

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