Thursday, June 05, 2003
Militant or terrorist?
Main Entry: mil·i·tant
Pronunciation: -t&nt
Function: adjective
Date: 15th century
1 : engaged in warfare or combat : FIGHTING
2 : aggressively active (as in a cause) : COMBATIVE ‹militant conservationists› ‹a militant attitude›
synonym see AGGRESSIVE
Terrorist [brought up 'terrorism']
Main Entry: ter·ror·ism
Pronunciation: 'ter-&r-"i-z&m
Function: noun
Date: 1795
: the systematic use of terror especially as a means of coercion
- ter·ror·ist /-&r-ist/ adjective or noun
- ter·ror·is·tic /"ter-&r-'is-tik/ adjective
[emphasis added]

What is "terror"?

Main Entry: ter·ror
Pronunciation: 'ter-&r
Function: noun
Etymology: Middle English, from Middle French terreur, from Latin terror, from terrEre to frighten; akin to Greek trein to be afraid, flee, tremein to tremble -- more at TREMBLE
Date: 14th century
1 : a state of intense fear
2 a : one that inspires fear : SCOURGE b : a frightening aspect c : a cause of anxiety : WORRY d : an appalling person or thing; especially : BRAT
4 : violence (as bombing) committed by groups in order to intimidate a population or government into granting their demands
synonym see FEAR
[emphasis added]

Just wanted to clear up any confusion, and to point out that the media are incorrectly using the term "militant" where they should be using "terrorist".

[definitions courtesy of Merriam-Webster online]

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