Thursday, June 26, 2003
C'mon! Get to it, America!

How can the United States ever achieve world domination if our birth rate keeps falling? It's a bit of a bummer that our country has a lower birth rate than most third-world countries, but that seems to be the case of most industrialized countries vs. non-industrialized countries. And it makes sense.

Some interesting points from the CDC's report:

  • The teenage birthrate has declined for the 12th straight year. Very good news, however it would be interesting to find out the abortion rate among teens to get a true picture of what's going on there.
  • Women are having kids later and later. Not good. I'm no feminist, so I hope that in the future women will decide to have kids younger again (like mid- to late-twenties, early thirties). Careers are overrated. I am more impressed with women who have raised polite, moral, well-adjusted kids than women who reach the executive level in their careers. This is my opinion. No offense, but I have no doubts that raising kids 24/7 is much more difficult than making it in the corporate world.
  • The birthrate among unmarried women is somewhere over 1/3 of total births. Hello!!! That is just incomprehensible. Again, no offense to unmarried women having kids (and many times it's some crazy situation that got them there), but does that statistic bode well for this country? It's bad enough to have so many kids with divorced parents, but this is ridiculous. Thankfully, the number has gone down a bit. For the record, I am absolutely against the idea of single women having kids where daddy was a sperm bank donor. Can you say "selfish"?
  • More than 1/4 of all births were caesarean. Yikes! What exactly does this mean? Are doctors pulling the trigger on the snip snip too quickly, or are more women just physically unable to deliver vaginally? Me thinks that many women are suckered into the snip snip when they really don't need to be. I'll get back to you on this one after I have kids of my own.

These points are obviously followed by my humble opinion. It looks like there is some good news in this report, and some not-so-great news. Let's just hope that the US is heading back towards good ol' family values, where parents actually raise the kids they have, instead of having them just to fulfill some image they find necessary to "fit in" and sending them to daycare.

A house, two cars, and 2.5 kids: the American dream.

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