Saturday, May 03, 2003

This further validates my opinion of Iowans:

Basu: The bold, tragic, and too-brief journey of Rachel Corrie

While most of us wring our hands at the endless cycle of repression and terror and retaliation in the Middle East, with its expansions and demolitions and suicide bombers and flares of anti-Semitic hatred, Rachel Corrie tried to do something.

Yes, she certainly tried to interfere in Israel's security operations. What a hero! Is this country so naïve that they look to a terrorist sympathizer such as Corrie as a hero? Where are all the moving commentaries about the 100+ Americans who have been injured or killed by her friends, the Palestinian terrorists?

News reports and her grandmother say she was wearing a bright orange jacket and talking to the bulldozer driver through a bullhorn before he plowed her down. Israeli officials called it "a regrettable accident" and said the driver didn't see her. No charges were filed against him. But Doris Corrie says the driver is looking Rachel in the eye in a photo taken right before. "He ran over her and backed out and went back over her again," she said, "and never got out or said anything."

This kind of stuff is just ludicrous. I can't believe it's being reported as fact, just because Grandma says so. The driver was "looking Rachel in the eye" in the picture that was allegedly snapped "right before"? Her loving family has obviously missed the truth: that the photos of the incident were, in fact, taken over the course of hours, not moments. There have been no photos released "right before" she was hit. The bulldozers in the before and after photos are not even the same model. And, please, tell me how you can determine eye contact? Who told you? Your brave, freedom fighter daughter's spirit?

It's certainly safer to do nothing. To not be looking when soldiers shoot at unarmed civilians or tanks rumble over innocent people's homes. To not speak out when bombs fall on places where people live and shop. Especially if those people aren't your people. But progress relies on those who don't wait for it to be easy or safe. Rachel Corrie heard a call and answered it. It was just that simple and that complicated.

Sure... so does that apply to the Israelis, too? Would it be safer for them to turn their backs on the victims of homicide bombers in their cities? Shall they just ignore the hate-mongering that emanates from the sacred mosques? I have no respect for these tools because they believe in moral equivalency. They announce that soldiers shoot at unarmed civilians as fact, and use that as justification for being apologists. They never, ever, denounce terrorism against Israelis. They simply justify it, blaming Israel. The day they "embed" themselves with the IDF is the day I'll have a little respect. If they're going to scream bloody murder, perhaps it would behoove these idiots to see it from the other side, also, where the muzzle of a rifle is pointed at you through a woman's skirt. People like Ms. Corrie and her brilliant family expect the Israelis to leave be the death squads. What an idiot she was.

I will keep beating this horse. People like Rachel Corrie are a danger to those of us who want to be safe and free. She apologized for and protected terrorists. She is no hero. Not even close. She was just another naïve victim of Arab propaganda. I shed no tears for her, and I don't feel sorry for her family. They created her. Now they can live with her actions and their consequences.

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