Tuesday, May 27, 2003
When in Rome

Please excuse this moment of intolerance:

I'm sick and tired of Muslims in this country who use their religion as the reason that they are above the law. I could care less that you are Muslim (or Hindu, or Jewish, or Catholic...) when it comes to matters of security in America. Take off your f'ing veil for your identification picture! Nobody is telling you to go without it all the time, but what's the point of an ID photo if it shows nothing but black cloth and a pair of eyes?

My security trumps your religious "rights". You're in America. If you can't take off your veil for a driver's license photo, then you don't get a license. It's as simple as that. Last I checked, we're not in the House of Saud and this country hasn't adopted Shari'a law, so DEAL WITH IT! And need we remind them that it was their "brothers" who brought a war to our shores?

Islam, in it's current state, is a huge problem. But worse is the western, civilized world's incessant need to "understand" it. Instead of demanding that they adopt our customs (at least in the matter of security issues and US law), we are forced to understand their intolerance of all things non-Muslim. When a 16 year-old Australian girl was gang-raped by a group of Muslim boys, Australians were asked to try to understand why they did it-- how did she provoke them? Did she misunderstand their "culture" when she didn't go out of her way to avoid them?

Whatever happened to protecting America's traditions and our culture of an open and free society? America is a secular state, even though our country was built upon Judeo-Christian values. Some religions allow for polygamy, yet it is illegal according to US law. This country's laws trump religious law, and our security means that you will sometimes have to play by our rules no matter how much you don't like it.

Enough with "understanding" already. Culture is a wonderful thing, but if you want to be in America, then live by our rules. When in Rome....

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