Thursday, May 22, 2003
When capitalism goes too far

LeBron James Lands $90M Nike Endorsement

Does anybody else find this a bit excessive? We're talking about a kid of 18 years, unproven in the professional ranks. Do they expect him to be the next Kobe Bryant? Even so, is he really worth $90M? Is he the reason they charge $100 for a pair of shoes?

Basketball had its heyday in the 80's. Lately it's been filled with a bunch of overpaid, over-hyped thugs who are more concerned about their own image than that of their sport. Ever since Michael Jordan left (when his career really ended in 1998), everybody thinks they are the greatest thing to ever step foot on the court. The NBA has truly become a spectacle of excess, where those who glorify the gangster image are heroes to kids. This is why I haven't been able to watch for years.

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