Tuesday, May 06, 2003
What the hell?!

DJs Suspended for Playing Dixie Chicks

"We pulled their music two months ago, and it's been a difficult decision because how can you ignore the hottest group in country music," Grant said.

He said there has been discussion about whether to reinstate the music, but DJs Dave Moore and Jeff Singer became impatient.

"They made it very clear that they support wholeheartedly the president of the United States. They support wholeheartedly the troops, the military. But they also support the right of free speech," Grant said.

The station has received a couple of hundred calls and 75 percent favored playing the music.

Grant said Moore and Singer will be out for a couple of days.

"I gave them an alternative: stop it now and they'll be on suspension, or they can continue playing them and when they come out of the studio they won't have a job."

The station plans to play the group's music eventually.

"Most stations are starting to play them again anyhow a song here, a song there. I just have a problem with the way this was done. We would have put them in anyhow. But we'd like to do it on our terms," he said.

I promised myself I would not touch the Dixie Chicks thing anymore. Quite frankly, I'm tired of it, and they are getting more publicity than they could have ever wanted. I didn't care about what she said, and I did not like where she said it. But let's face it. Natalie Maines is 28 years old, has been in the public eye since she was very young, and hasn't exactly lived the typical life. IMHO, she's green. That's not a crime.

I am appalled, however, that a radio station would suspend its jocks because they are playing the Dixie Chicks. This just smacks of.... I don't know. It just smacks. This guy sounds like a control freak.

If you ask me, I say fire the station manager. If 75% of your callers want to hear them, then play it! Talk about bad management. If it's supposed to be about the customer, then this guy is doing a horrible job. And to make a point with two people's careers is just ludicrous. I applaud the jocks for playing what their audience wants to hear, and the station manager should be ashamed of himself. Quite frankly, more DJs should stand up and play what the audience wants to hear. Radio would be so much more bearable.

The loons on both sides of the aisle have been stinking to high heaven lately.

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