Thursday, May 08, 2003
Welcome to 2003

Those sensitive, caring and inclusive Georgians have made a helluva a sacrifice in flying a new flag:

Georgia Governor Approves New Flag, Urges Calm

The new flag, which has three red and white stripes and the state coat of arms on a blue field in a corner, was raised atop the capitol building in Atlanta just minutes after the signing.

Its appearance prompted shouts of 'Sellout' and 'Stalin' from a small group of white protesters who favored a return to a 1956 flag that contained a giant rebel cross honoring the pro-slavery Confederacy.

Although some whites viewed that flag and other rebel relics as a symbol of southern culture, millions of blacks look upon them as potent reminders of the racial hatred that was once institutionalized in the Deep South.

I suppose the Nazi flag and other relics are a symbol of German culture? The brilliance of the south shines through when you see that some voters base their choices on the state flag. Is there nothing more important to them than the Confederate flag? It's times like this that I feel bad for the normal, educated folks in the South. This kind of flap gives them all a bad name. Now, can somebody explain to me why some are so bent on the Confederate flag? What's wrong with the new one?

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