Saturday, May 03, 2003
Thank you for nothing, now get the hell out

Israel Cracking Down on Foreign Peace Activists

"The Israeli army wants us to leave because we are providing witness to the atrocities committed by the Israeli army," said a statement posted on the ISM's web site in response.

To that I say-- go hang out at a Tel Aviv pub, a Jerusalem market, a Haifa cafe, a Netanya hotel. You want to be a witness? Witness the Palestinian atrocities against innocent Israelis who bear no arms, intend no harm, and just want to be left alone. The ISM tools are the poster children for moral equivalency run amok and sheer stoopidity.

The Israelis should let them continue to shield the hapless Pals. Instead of turning them away at the airport, have them sign disclaimers before entering the war zone. Have them declare themselves terrorist protectors. Wanna fight the brutal occupiers? Give them rocks to fight the soldiers and bullhorns to fight the bulldozers. Then the IDF can just continue to go about their business, and legitimately treat them as what they really are: enemy combatants.

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