Friday, May 23, 2003
Still? In America?

I had no idea.

Condemned Men Face Firing Squad

The Utah Corrections Department is recruiting law enforcement officers for two five-person firing squads, asking the police departments in the communities where the crimes were committed to nominate volunteers.

The officers' identities will not be released, and participants will be barred from talking publicly about the experience.

A hood will be put over the condemned man's head and a target will be pinned over his heart. The executioners will fire simultaneously from gun portals in a separate room at the inmate, seated in a chair about 30 feet away.

One of the five rifles will contain a blank so that no one will know who fired the fatal shots.

I'm all for gun rights and all, but this seems a bit weird to me. Archaic, actually. And to think these inmates had a choice and they chose the firing squad. Utah needs to revisit their law books... and I'm not talking about the Book of Mormon.

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