Wednesday, May 07, 2003
Some things will never change

My job terminated last Wednesday. It was a mutual decision to end my contract, and it's best for everybody. There are many reasons I despised that job-- I was underutilized, underpaid, bored, not interested in working in an Internet company... the list goes on. The biggest reason for my discontent was my manager. Her style was not for me. I won't get into that here.

So today I met the group for lunch. It was a going-away (for me) and welcome (for the new guy) lunch away from the office. I met them there.

Once again, the boss lady brought up her despair with the "current administration", as she likes to call it. She expressed dismay that Bush may actually get another four years. She showed her disgust that we haven't found WMDs yet. And others at the table agreed that the DemocRats can't possibly win if they don't come up with a cohesive message.... NOW (never mind that Bush might actually be a President deserving of a second term. What did Clinton do to deserve his?). She declared that the (large, to remain nameless internet) company would never have allowed Bush in the office last week, even though Air Force One landed next door. This is the kind of discussion that came up every single week at our staff meeting.

It was all very entertaining. And this was the biggest reason I had to leave. The inappropriate subjects discussed at staff meetings, and the hostile environment for those of us who had different views on the world. Speaking up is a career-limiting move, so you just have to listen to the drivel and bite the tongue until the meeting ends.

I certainly will not miss that place. And with a strong job possibility on the horizon, leaving was the best thing that could have happened.

The smile was pasted on my face for the entire drive home.

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