Wednesday, May 21, 2003
The self-centered anti-Bushies

My college graduation was great, because it was a day for us to celebrate our accomplishment with our family and friends. It was a day to cherish great memories, stand proud of the adversity we had to overcome, and to reflect on our future as contributing members of society (and an excuse to party down!) When I hear about incidents such as this commencement speaker, I can only feel bad for the students who had their day hijacked by a self-centered asshat. Why is it impossible for these people to get over themselves for ONE DAY, a day that does not belong to them? Shame on him, and bravo to the students for standing up and taking their day back. Unfortunately, their graduation memories will forever include the tripe that came from this speaker. Hopefully it will provoke other colleges to put some thought into picking their commencement speakers.

N.Y. Times reporter booed off stage

This guy is cut from the same cloth as Michael Moore and people like him. He cannot, for one moment, get over himself to address the reason for his presence at the commencement. Commencement addresses are supposed to be about the students, about optimism and the difference they can make in the world for future generations. Instead, Hedges uses the event to spew his own agenda, filled with nothing but his ignorant opinions ("Israel created Hez'bollah") and criticisms of America. He doesn't mention the students once.

There is a link to the speech. Listen closely for the background noise of the students, who obviously want him to shut up. Sure, freedom of speech allows Mr. Hedges to express his opinions. It also allows students to voice theirs, and to take back their graduation. There is a time and place for everything. This was neither the time nor the place for this type of speech. Those who criticize the students for their behavior should first look at the selfish behavior of the speaker. He tried to rain on their day. Instead of it being about them, it was all about him.

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