Friday, May 09, 2003
The saga continues

Amnesty Says Israel Shutting Out Foreign Scrutiny

I'd like to argue the heading. Israel is really just shutting out foreign enemy combatants...

The rights group Amnesty International accused Israel on Friday of trying to prevent outside scrutiny of its army after a military clamp down on foreign activists working in Gaza and the West Bank.

Israeli troops raided premises in the West Bank used by the International Solidarity Movement on Friday, arresting three people, the ISM said.

Separately, the Israeli army said it would now oblige foreigners entering Palestinian-ruled Gaza to sign a waiver absolving Israel of responsibility for their safety, a procedure already in place for Israeli civilians.

"This comes as a result of recent events in which foreign nationals abused their status to carry out terror attacks," the army statement said, referring to a deadly attack by a British suicide bomber and his accomplice last week in Tel Aviv.

Well, thank goodness they are having them sign waivers. I was hoping they would do that, as these people are a danger to Israeli citizens and soldiers. Maybe when they are forced to sign a document taking responsibility for their actions, they'll stop to think about what they are about to do. Do they believe that, because they are foreigners, they can have free reign in a war zone? If that's what they believe, then they should accept whatever their fate may be.

Amnesty International can stick their accusations where the sun don't shine. Are they suddenly the experts on Israeli security? Do they honestly believe that Israelis should do nothing about "human shields", now that two people have used the cover of "activism" to roam free in Israel and kill innocents? Is it wrong for them to do everything in their power to prevent another bombing? If the terrorism were to stop, the Israelis would not have to take these drastic measures.

"There were three women there at the time," he told Reuters. "They (the soldiers) took our servers, laptops and files."

It will be interesting to see what they find. The Israelis are doing the right thing to get these goons out of the picture.

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