Thursday, May 22, 2003
Road map to where?

Reformist Palestinian PM to Meet Hamas Militants

So what's with the white-washed title? "Reformis" Mazen? Hamas "militants"? Funny!

Palestinian Prime Minister Mahmoud Abbas plans to hold talks this week with leaders of the militant group Hamas, which has defied his calls for an end to attacks on Israelis, a Palestinian official said Thursday.

The meeting, expected to be held as early as Thursday night in Gaza, would be the first between Hamas and Abbas since he took office last month pledging to curb the violence of the nearly 32-month-old Palestinian uprising for independence.

Hamas, a radical Islamic movement, has posed a stiff challenge to Abbas by launching a spate of suicide bombings that threatens to derail a new U.S.-led peace effort.

"He will ask them to help instill calm," the Palestinian official said, declining to elaborate.

Israel demands that Abbas, widely known as Abu Mazen, crack down on Hamas and other militant groups, disarm them and jail their leaders before it will relax its military grip on Palestinian areas. The United States has also put intense pressure on Abbas to curb violence.

Abbas, a leading moderate, has made clear that he hopes to achieve a cease-fire through dialogue with militants to avoid the risk of touching off a Palestinian civil war.

Militants, who have rejected a U.S.-backed peace "road map," have vowed to continue their attacks.

So Mazen believes that if he begs with the terrorists, says pretty please with sugar on top, they'll stop their attacks? They've vowed time and time again that they will not stop their attacks until there is no more Israel. That seems pretty clear. Yet Abu Mazen, "leading moderate", thinks he can talk them into changing their ways. Why would they when they have Arafat in their corner? Let's be honest here, Arafat is still running the show.

Instead of negotiating with terrorists, he should be crushing them. Since they refuse to do it, Israel is left to do the job. Perhaps, instead of appeasing terrorists to avoid a civil war, he should let the cards fall where they may. A civil war sounds like it would be the best thing to happen to the Palestinians since Jordan rejected them. Let them fight their own, then Israel won't have to.

Hamas has rejected the road map, though nobody invited them to the party. Mazen and Arafat are doing nothing to rein in the terrorists, and instead start bargaining with them, yet it's Sharon who is sabotaging peace. By giving the green light to Mazen to include Hamas in these talks, we are pushing Israel to effectively negotiate with the terrorists who are killing their kids every day. We are pushing them to do exactly what we refuse to do. Where is the objection to these meetings with Hamas?

The hypocrisy and blindness of the world is getting a bit old. Just build the wall. Let them rot in their pathetic little world. Enough already.


Big surprise:

Abbas fails to get Hamas to agree truce with Israel

What do you expect with a terrorist group that has the following philosophy:

"When the Zionist enemy stops killing Palestinian civilians, ends its assassinations and its incursions and frees the prisoners, then Hamas could stop its military operations against (Israeli) civilians," he said.

However, he said the battle against the Israeli military and against Jewish settlers would continue.

Note the word "could". In other words, when Israel stops defending herself, then maybe we'll stop the violence. Oh, and Israeli soldiers and unarmed settlers are still fair game. I just blew milk out of my nose. Excuse me while I clean out my keyboard.

Hamas refuses to recognize the right of Israel to exist, advocating a Palestinian state stretching from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea, but Haniya did not rule out the possibility of a "truce" with the Jewish state.

A truce? From Colin Powell's joint news conference with Israel's Foreign Minister, Silvan Shalom on May 10, 2003:

QUESTION: Mr. Secretary, do you accept the idea of “hudna” – a sort of a cease-fire between the Palestinian terror organizations, or do you support what Prime Minister Sharon is demanding from the Palestinians: a total disarming and dismantling of these terror organizations?

SECRETARY POWELL: I support the end of terror, and we must not allow organizations that have conducted terrorist activities to continue to either conduct those activities or have the potential to conduct those activities. And so one of the great challenges that is before Prime Minister Abbas is how to deal with organizations such as Hamas and Islamic Jihad to make sure that they do not continue to constitute a threat to the safety of the people of Israel. A cease-fire that does not deal with the fundamental issue of an armed group is not a complete solution, and so I’m sure we’ll have conversations about this tomorrow, with both Prime Ministers in the course of the day’s proceedings. [emphasis added]

There's nothing left to say. On to other topics....

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