Wednesday, May 21, 2003
Home schooling

Given the utter mess our public school system is in these days, I'm seriously thinking that when I have kids, I'm home schooling them. I wouldn't want my kids to be subjected to an education that is stunted via PC rules, and I certainly wouldn't want my kids to be the subjected to the propaganda curriculum that schools seem to be adopting lately.

Then I read about this, and it becomes somewhat of a no-brainer:

Washington Boy, 14, Wins Geographic Bee

It was the second straight year a home-schooler has won the bee.

Ann Williams, the winner's mother, said she and husband Craig had decided on home schooling before they had any children.

"We wanted to make learning a lifestyle rather than something you have to do," she said. It allows the children to concentrate on areas they enjoy and the family isn't tied to a school schedule, she added.

James credited that flexibility with allowing him to spend time on geography, but that isn't his only interest. The family came to the nation's capital from Ohio, where he participated in a science olympiad, and later this year he will compete as a member of the Washington-Oregon Science Bowl team.

They should be very proud. They are a shining example of one of the alternatives to public education. Americans don't have to settle for a lesser education for their children, and if parents invested more time in educating their children, we wouldn't have as many ignorant idiots among us.

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