Thursday, May 22, 2003
Go girl!

Best of luck to Annika Sorenstam in her PGA quest this week. I hope she does well. People want to criticize her, but how can you criticize somebody who wants to challenge herself to bring her game up a level? Women have always been told that we can't hang with the boys. She dares to try, and I applaud her for that. And for those men who say she shouldn't be there because they can't compete in the LPGA-- since when does a man aspire to play at a woman's "level" anyway? How often is a man told that he can't compete with women? The bottom line is that more has been made of this than it's worth. Her participation will not ruin the PGA, nor will it negatively affect the LPGA. The only thing it may prove is that Annika is one of the greatest golfers ever, male or female.

Sorenstam shoots 1 over in first round of Colonial

Not bad for a GIRL. She was shooting par until the last hole. Amazing considering the hype. Hopefully she can continue. Even if she doesn't make the cut, she showed today that she can play with the boys.

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