Monday, May 19, 2003
48 hours, 5 attacks

Events in Israel over the weekend truly represent the good faith efforts of the Palestinians to make peace. Will the media report these attacks as attempts to toss the "peace process"? Highly unlikely. But the Israeli response certainly will. Because when you are being attacked on a daily basis, that is your cue to take the extra step towards peace. Bend over, Israel, and try some understanding. The Palestinians deserve it.

Fifth suicide bomber in 48 hours kills three more in northern Israel

If this isn't evidence that the Pals don't want peace with Israel, but it's total destruction, I don't know what is. The behavior is repeated time and time again-- when the two sides get close to the negotiation table, the terrorists step up their campaign of death and destruction. If this continues, it will hopefully end the pipe dream for the Palestinians to have a state of their own. They have done nothing to earn statehood, and the Israelis have shown over-the-top restraint in dealing with them. Abu Mazen does not represent hope for anybody, as he is just a puppet for the inventor of international terrorism. He represents only a distraction for the naïve. TerrorFat must go, and he must go now. It's high time to send the assasins to the terrorist-harboring, egomaniacal murderer's Ramallah compound. Let's get it over with already.

How many Israelis and other innocents must give their lives before we do what we have to do to kill the beast? When will enough be enough?

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