Thursday, May 08, 2003
101 reasons to not live in SF

Judge Throws out SF's 'Care Not Cash' Plan

A San Francisco judge ruled Thursday that the city's "Care Not Cash" initiative violates state law.

San Francisco voters overwhelmingly approved Proposition N in November. It would have drastically cut monthly payments to the homeless, substituting services for the money. But Superior Court Judge Ronald Quidachay said that state law does not allow voters to set policy on the general assistance. Instead, he ruled, the Board of Supervisors as agents for the state must pass laws in regards to the funds.

As we all know, the will of the voters means nothing when you live in the socialist city of SF.

Proposition N was the brainchild of San Francisco Supervisor Gavin Newsom. Thursday, Newsom said that he was disappointed in the ruling, but the battle was not over. He planned to introduce the voter-approved initiative to the supervisors in the coming week.

"I'll expect that my colleagues ... will do what they said consistently, and that is that the will of the voters should be implemented," Newsom said.

Care Not Cash would reduce the monthly general assistance funds given to the homeless from $320 a month to $59. The money saved was to go to social service programs. [Emphasis added]

Well, Gavin, don't hold your breath. When you talk about the "representative" government of SF, they mean representative of the homeless, the drug addicts, the welfare recipients.... everybody but the taxpayers. I hope the board of supervisors passes this legislation, because the homeless problem in SF is a huge stain on a beautiful city. There are areas I regularly avoid because I know it's where all the panhandlers are. The $320/month cash handout in SF is what attracts the homeless to this city-- it's more than triple what they get in comparable cities. Just give 'em their $59/month and let's move on. Cash handouts don't get people off the street-- services do. The cash can be put to much better use than what it currently buys, such as drugs and alcohol.

It will be interesting to see what happens with this, but I won't get my hopes up any time soon.

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