Wednesday, April 09, 2003
What a day

Wow. Today has been amazing. It brings back memories of that day in November of 1989, when the Berlin Wall opened its doors and soon after came crashing down. The scenes that are being broadcast from halfway around the globe are priceless. The outpouring of emotion gives me goosebumps. After decades of living in the Republic of Fear, they are tasting freedom for the first time in their lives. They are taking their country back. I hope that the Iraqi people grasp this freedom, defend it with all they have, and cherish every moment of it. It doesn't come cheap, and the subscription isn't free.

While we celebrate our moral victory and military brilliance, I will never forget those who gave all for world security, the safety of future generations, and the freedom of a helpless people. I will be forever grateful to you. Our troops are an amazing group. Always professional, and fully responsible for the freedoms we so enjoy. God bless.

And for the pacificsts who protested this mission, step back, take this in, and try to understand what YOU were fighting for. You spoke not for the innocent Iraqi people. No, you spoke for your own selfish agenda. So take this day, put it in your pipe, and SMOKE IT.

Thank you troops, and thank you President Bush. You are a man of your word, and may the rest of the world take notice. The United States should never again sit around while danger brews around us.

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