Monday, April 28, 2003
R.I.P. Sgt. Anguiano
Last Soldier Missing in Iraq Found Dead
Army Sgt. Edward John Anguiano, the last U.S. soldier missing in Iraq, was found dead, family members and the Pentagon said Monday.

Anguiano, 24, disappeared after his convoy was attacked March 23 near Nasiriyah in southern Iraq. Anguiano's grandfather and an aunt said military officials notified the family late Sunday.

"What we heard is that he was ambushed," said Vicente Anguiano Sr., 72. "They found his truck, the one he drove, and it had been stripped — tires and everything. They found a body near the truck."

Officials used DNA tests to confirm the remains were Anguiano, the grandfather said. He did not know when the body was found but believed Edward Anguiano was killed during the initial ambush.

This is not the ending we had hoped for. Hopefully Sgt. Anguiano's family can have some closure now. Very sad.

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