Thursday, April 24, 2003
Professor of American Values, Madonna

The entertainment never ceases.

Madonna Slams American Values

LONDON (Reuters) - U.S. pop superstar Madonna, one of music's richest performers, has attacked her fellow Americans for being obsessed with the "wrong values" such as getting rich and looking good.

Madonna told the Radio Times that Americans had opportunities people in other countries did not have but got caught up in superficial dreams.

"We as Americans are completely obsessed and wrapped up in a lot of the wrong values -- looking good, having cash in the bank, being perceived as rich, famous and successful or just being famous," Madonna told the television listings magazine.

"It's the most superficial part of the American dream and who would know better than me? The only thing that's going to bring you happiness is love and how you treat your fellow man and having compassion for one another."

This is the same person who put out a gratuitous sex book, and now she's preaching to ME, an American, from her massive dungeon in England? This is the same person who embraced, for over 20 years, the same "values" she is now attacking, and we're supposed to look to her as the authority on this?

Young girls around the country (uh, the world) have aspired to live in her skanky image. She has been, unfortunately, a very powerful woman for the past two decades, and she never acknowledged that she might actually be a ~gasp~ role model for younger generations. And she wonders why some in America are devoid of values and morals. Brilliant. (note: of course, I do maintain that parents are the ones responsible for instilling values and morals in their children. But we cannot deny the power of role models on children.)

There is truly a good laugh to be had every single day. You just need to go find it....

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