Wednesday, April 09, 2003
Perusing the headlines

Can't help but notice the headlines on this historic day. I'm ecstatic to be on the right side in this debate, because this is a situation where my country did what was right. And the world will benefit.

U.S.: Saddam Likely in Bombed Building
We can hope. And, boy, do I hope!

Saddam's Rule Collapses in Baghdad, Scenes of Joy
I knew this day would come, but I'm amazed at how quickly it came, with minimal casualties and relatively light damage to the country's infrastructure.

Iraq's U.N. Envoy: 'The Game Is Over'
Yet another example of how Iraqi "officials" are really just Saddam's puppets.

And in stark contrast to the celebrations on the streets of Iraq:

Arabs in Shock, Denial at Toppling of Saddam

Palestinians watching the al-Jazeera and Abu Dhabi satellite stations were stunned at seeing the giant Saddam statue tumble in a Baghdad square after the rapid collapse of Iraq (news - web sites)'s military. "This is a tragedy and a bloody comedy. We cannot believe what we see. What happened? It seems that the Iraqis have given up Baghdad without a fight. Where is the Iraqi army? Have they evaporated?" said Walid Salem, a Ramallah shopkeeper.

Ali Jaddah, an engineer, said: "It's a day of shame. On this day Arabs have become slaves. The only man who dared to say 'no' to the Americans' face has vanished today. What is left is a bunch of bowing and scraping Arab leaders."

Will the Palestinians ever learn? This just goes to show where their hearts are: with a terrorist dictator. They could care less about the scenes of happy Iraqi people. They just wonder where Saddam's fearsome fighters are. There is no equating the Iraqi plight to the situation in Israel.

Catastrophe scenarios posed by Washington fail to materialize
Could this be because of thorough planning on the part of our brilliant military? Our incredible strength comes not only from our weapons, but (first and foremost) from the minds of those who use them. Strategy. It saved numerous lives and can't be downplayed.

U.S. Tells Iran, Syria, N. Korea 'Learn from Iraq'
Coming up...... Syria?

And finally:
USS Abraham Lincoln Head Home to Wash.

Our troops couldn't come home soon enough. And, please, let's not forget our MIA's and POW's. They need to come home, too.

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