Thursday, April 24, 2003
Is this enough?

Malvo Loses Phone, Visiting Privileges

At a brief administrative hearing Wednesday, Malvo was found guilty of threatening a jail employee and writing another inmate a letter. He was sentenced to disciplinary segregation -- 15 days for the threat and 10 days for the unauthorized letter, sheriff's Lt. Tyler Corey said.

The letter was mailed out of the jail to a phony address and used the other inmate's name as the return addressee so it would be sent back to him, officials have said.

Besides losing his visiting and phone privileges, Malvo is being fed only the jail's "vegetarian loaf," a mixture of eggs, cheese and vegetables. His mattress is also removed for 16 hours each day.

Jail officials had disciplined Malvo last month for writing "Muhammad" on his cell floor and drawing on his shoes.

This punk kid needs a some real discipline. During his reign of terror, and on to this day, he has shown no regard for human life, no respect, and no remorse. He threatened the life of a corrections officer, and he is punished with a "vegetarian loaf"? He still has it better than the homeless people in this country who have not harmed a soul. I say send him to the "playground" (or the showers), remind all the other inmates that he targeted children, and let there be real justice. I have so stomach for punks like him.

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