Tuesday, April 01, 2003
In case you were wondering

Iraqis in Basra Say Terrorized by Saddam's Party

I don't understand what people are missing here. Do Americans honestly believe that Iraqis are "resisting" because they love Saddam? The people of Basra, of all places, know the consequences of rising up against a terrorist dictator: torture and death. They believed we would back them up in 1991, so they rose up. We let them down. We never should have made a promise we couldn't keep. Now the people of Basra might be a little skeptical. Do you blame them?

I, for one, do not believe they are fighting for Saddam. I think they are fighting for their lives. They would probably like to be around for the day they can enjoy the freedom they've dreamed of for decades. Once we show Saddam's cold, dead body, things will change. Those who are terrorizing will go on the run. I look forward to that day.

Regarding the residents' complaints about the lack food and water, uh... what to say? Except that our troops are still fighting a war. They can't even get around their city freely, how do they expect us to get food to them? Patience... one battle at a time.

And for those who think that we are failing miserably at Basra, consider that it's a large city of one to two million people... hardly a cakewalk.

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