Monday, April 14, 2003
"illegal, irresponsible and dangerous"

Israeli report clears troops over US death

First, in case you've forgotten about the person at the center of this brouhaha: "Peace" Activist, Rachel Corrie.

You know, I really can't stand Al Guardian and their reporting style (example: "X Israelis killed by car bomb in Tel Aviv", as if cars just spontaneously combust), but I haven't seen this anywhere else. Of course the ISM "peace" activists will argue that this report was biased. But how can one argue the culpability of somebody who stands in front of a slow-moving bulldozer? Was she chained down to the ground? Were there Israeli soldiers standing by with their rifles drawn, keeping her there under duress? No.

And now the IDF has to implement new procedures to prevent this shit from happening in the future. Why? Because of the PR fallout and to shut up the friggin' apologists who expect us to believe their account of the story.

A spokesman for the Israeli Defence Force said yesterday that while it did not accept any responsibility for Corrie's death, it was going to change its procedures to prevent future accidents.

He said that the level of command of similar operations would be raised and civilians in the area would be dispersed or arrested before operations.

In addition, observers would be used and CCTV installed on the bulldozers to compensate for blindspots which the IDF believe contributed to Corrie's death.

Their security missions are being compromised by the likes of ISM, but the IDF has to make the changes? How about these idiots taking a course in common sense. Don't jump in front of bulldozers, don't walk into the middle of a firefight, don't protect terrorists, and perhaps your life will be spared. How hard is that to understand??? This story, even though it's a month old, really chaps my hide. It absolutely frustrates me.

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