Monday, April 14, 2003
How wrong they are

When I ventured into the People's Republic of Berkeley last weekend for lunch, I was amused to find the San Francisco Bay Guardian's perception of the goings-on half a world away:

The new Vietnam

An Unwinnable War

Pelosi doesn't represent us

The cover alone is so entertaining:

The United States is bogged down -- again -- in the wrong war, with dead soldiers, dead civilians, and an international political mess. And there's no exit strategy.

. . .

and Nancy Pelosi's unconscionable support for the war

You couldn't make this stuff up, unless you live in Berkeley. People there EAT THIS UP, and I'll put my money on this being the end of Nancy Pelosi's career. Okay, no money, but I'm going on the record.

I picked up a copy, because this level of stupidity must be historic.

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