Monday, April 14, 2003
Don't mess with New Yorkers!

Maybe this is why we are all so afraid of New Yorkers:

NYC Bouncer Killed in Smoking Ban Brawl

Blake approached the men about 2:30 a.m. to tell them they could not smoke in the bar, police spokesman Michael O'Looney said. It was unclear whether one or both men were smoking, he said.

Harsh words were exchanged and the brawl began when Blake tried to eject Johnathan Chan for disorderly behavior, witnesses told police. Blake was stabbed in the fight, but it was unclear who stabbed him or with what, O'Looney said.

Okay, so these guys crossed the line, fought back against somebody who was trying to enforce the city's laws, right?

Blake's older brother, Tony Blake, said Sunday he blamed the death on the smoking ban. "I'm very bitter," he said. "It's a senseless murder because of this stupid cigarette law. That's the reason this guy was killed."

WTF! The bouncer's brother blames the SMOKING BAN! Wow, and I thought my fellow Californians are apologists.

And now a Public Service Announcement: For all of you smokers out there-- sure, it's certainly your right to fry your lungs and stink to high heaven, but it's also my right to not do the same. If you want a smoke, GO OUTSIDE. Freeze your ass off, because that's a small price to pay for my clean lungs. And don't go beating up or killing the bouncers of this world because they have a job to do. That's like killing a cop for pulling you over after you've run a red light.

/PSA. Now back to our regularly scheduled programming.

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