Tuesday, April 01, 2003
Don't flatter him

This really chaps my hide:

SJ Marine Applies for Conscientous Objector Status

Funk said he joined the Marines a year ago, without fully understanding what he was doing.

"I wasn't thinking about the violence ... how my beliefs against violence would be challenged," Funk told reporters before his surrender. "I was just thinking of it as something to do as I passed by time to become a California resident, and to learn new things."

He understood damn well what he was doing, and the rifle and combat training should have clued him in. Simply put, he just wanted a free ride until he could figure out how to fend for himself, and looked forward to those cash payments for college. He probably thought he'd never actually have to ~gasp~ participate in military action. Truth is, he probably doesn't object to the "violence", but is too much of a wuss to do his job.

To call him a Marine is an insult to all real Marines. To be a Marine isn't just a title, it's an honor, and it takes courage to wear that awesome uniform. This guy is a weasel, and he deserves jail time for wasting our military's time and energy.

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