Thursday, April 24, 2003

The local news here just aired an exposé on the cleanliness (or severe lack of) of the local high school bathrooms. Let's just say that they actually gave us a warning about the graphic nature of the piece. They weren't kidding.

Many of the bathrooms had no soap, toilet paper, paper towels, or even running faucets. This is in addition to clogged toilets and absolutely disgusting toilet seats. Use your imagination, now think 10x worse. Disgusting.

They took swab samples from door handles, toilet flush handles, etc. Three of them came back positive for fecal coliform bacteria.

Keep this in mind when you go into a bathroom. Wash your hands, use Purell. I'm so disgusted right now I could puke.

Sorry for the details.

The CA state Assembly passed a bill today, AB 1124, setting hygiene and maintenance standards in school restrooms:

This bill would, with certain exceptions, require, as the first priority, that maintenance funding be used to ensure that restroom facilities for pupils are functional and that they meet state and local hygiene standards generally applicable to public restrooms. [emphasis was included in bill text]

How sad that they even need to pass this kind of legislation. It's another example of the fact that our schools are very neglected. At work the bathrooms are cleaned constantly, it smells like bleach. Should schools be privatized? They can't even get basic health standards right.

Again, just thinking aloud. And watching TV.

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