Monday, April 14, 2003
Coming home

USS Kitty Hawk and USS Constellation are heading home:
Two Navy Battle Groups to Leave War Zone

But it looks like our military and our government are staying focused on the tasks at hand:

As combat winds down in Iraq, the hunt for chemical and biological weapons or nuclear materials is rising on the priority list for American troops. There are more potential nuclear, biological or chemical weapons sites in Iraq than U.S. military teams to check them, Pentagon officials said Sunday.

Also, the United States is focusing on unfinished business from the 1991 Gulf war. A team of experts from the Defense Intelligence Agency and the Central Intelligence Agency have arrived in the Persian Gulf region to search for clues to the fate of Navy pilot Michael Scott Speicher, who was shot down on the first night of that war, U.S. defense and intelligence officials said Monday.

This is far from over, but I must say that things are looking up. Hopefully we see this through to completion.

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