Tuesday, April 15, 2003
Chag Sameach

Passover is upon us again. I pray for a peaceful holiday for my family in Israel and around the world. Considering the massacre of last years holiday, I am very nervous about what may be in store for Israelis this year as they sit down to their seders.

What was especially disheartening was the media's focus shortly after the Passover bombing. The outrage over Israel's military response to the atrocious terrorist attack overshadowed any sympathy or outrage over the attack itself and the 30 innocents that were killed. CNN profiled the families of terrorist bombers, and ignored the bereaved families of those killed by the brave "freedom fighters" (brave freedom fighters = sarcasm). Every irrelevant human rights organization condemned the Jenin "massacre" (a massacre that was subsequently debunked), and ignored the constant assault on Israeli civilians.

The double standards that exist in the court of public opinion will always exist. The United States was criticized in 2001 for continuing its war on terrorism during Ramadan, yet Muslim fundamentalists commit their murderous acts on weddings, bar mitzvahs, and religious holidays as standard practice. And the onus is on you and I to understand what we did to deserve it.

Let's hope that the Palestinian terrorists will continue to fail in their mission of death and destruction. God willing, the IDF will continue to crush terrorism plots and stop those who would kill innocent people. In the meantime....

I hope and pray for a peaceful, joyous holiday.

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