Tuesday, April 15, 2003
Boo hoo

Pentagon Muslims Angered by Rev. Graham Invitation

Ah, smell the hypocrisy:

Muslims at the Pentagon (news - web sites) are incensed by what they say is an insensitive invitation to evangelist Rev. Franklin Graham, who has called Islam an "evil religion," to preach on Good Friday at the Defense Department.

In letters to the Pentagon chaplain's office this week, Muslim office workers complained strongly about Graham's plans to lead prayers on Friday, one of the most religious days in the Christian calendar.

The letters urged officials to find a "more inclusive and honorable" religious leader to take his place.

Yo, Mohammed! Why don't you leave it to the Christians to decide whose sermon they want to hear in the name of their faith, okay?? It's not up to the Muslims of the world to decide who is inclusive and honorable within our respective religions. They would probably find Ghandi to be offensive.

The Pentagon was not immediately available to comment on the complaints, but a spokeswoman told The Washington Post that Christian employees had requested Graham as a guest preacher and the chaplain's office would not rescind the invitation.

"If a Jewish group wants to invite a particular speaker, they'll do that. Muslims hold services here too. The Army chaplains are absolutely nonjudgmental of any faith that soldiers want to follow," said Army spokeswoman Martha Rudd in Tuesday's Post.

Sounds like the Pentagon should stay out of this. Let the people have who they want. This is America, for crying out loud, not Egypt.

Ibrahim Hooper, a spokesman for the Washington-based Council on American-Islamic Relations, said inviting Graham to the Pentagon prayer service "sends entirely the wrong message to the Muslim and Arab world that the Pentagon will host someone who has such Islamophobic views."

He added: "This kind of incident can undo any kind of bridges built by a hundred public affairs officers at the Pentagon. They need to think how their actions are perceived not only in this country but worldwide."

Hooper said the plan by Samaritan's Purse to go into Iraq in the wake of an invading American army was wrong and would strengthen the belief the U.S. attack on Iraq was an attack on Islam.

"I believe his group is one of a number of evangelical missionary groups that use the cover of humanitarian relief to prosper in coercive ways," said Hooper.

You knew this story would include the ever-entertaining viewpoint of CAIR.

"They need to think how their actions are perceived not only in this country but worldwide." Really? How about YOU think about how the actions in the name of YOUR religion are percieved worldwide? My blood is boiling....

Maybe it's time that the Muslims in this country realize that it's not the job of every American to walk on eggshells for them. And maybe it's high time they take a look towards their own mosques for the greatest examples of hate in the name of religion. Talk about phobias... how about "Judeo-phobia", or "American-phobia"? The RoP is the greatest instigator of violence among the three monotheistic religions, or any religion, for that matter. And while they want us to practice sensitivity towards them, they continue to hold in high regard the Imams and Clerics who call for Jihad against Jews and Americans every single day. I could care less if the uneducated Muslim masses believe that we are at war with Islam. I'm not going to be sensitive to their ignorance. It's time they wake up and smell the TNT.

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