Friday, April 11, 2003
Bay Areas's finest

Mark Morford is one of the funniest "journalists" I've ever laid eyes on. Only thing is, he's not really trying to be funny. Sure, his style is tongue-in-cheek, but his points are serious, at least in his simple, happy world.

The Lie Of Liberation
Cheering Iraqis are just a diversion, folks. BushCo's real goal is only just beginning

Remember, Iraq's overthrow is only Phase 1 of the premeditated, long-standing Rummy/Cheney/Wolfie plan to aggressively bludgeon the Middle East into compliance with U.S. corporate and political interests. Did you miss that one? About the Project for the New American Century? Yep, been mapped out for years.

And their plan has nothing whatsoever to do with giving a damn for repressed people or raining blissful democracy upon starving nations. That is a side effect, a bonus, a great and touching piece of cover-up PR. Just as it is right now. Thousands of dead Iraqis? Hell, you ain't seen nothin' yet. Just wait until we "liberate" Syria.

Yes, Mark. You are right, it is not about the liberation of an oppressed people. It's about eliminating a threat, and disarming a guy who thumbed his nose at international law and refused to do it voluntarily. But in your simple world, it's all part of the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy. Never mind that is was your lover-boy Clinton who actually changed our policy towards Iraq from containment to regime-change. Apparently Mr. Morford just misses the daily sight of Mr. Clinton, which certainly brought on his daydreams of a romp in the sack with that sexy, sax-blowing hunk of meat. His Bush hatred is blinding. (I mean Bush in more ways than one.)

Ah, but still the celebratory chants come. We have freed Iraq from its brutal dictator, one who was zero threat to our monster superpower country! And we did so by mutilating and killing countless thousands of Iraqi people, often ruthlessly, soldiers and citizens, women and children, so many bodies the local hospitals stopped counting, thousands more than were ever killed in 9/11, though there remains absolutely no connection between this war and 9/11, none whatsoever! Yay! Don't you feel proud?

Actually, I'm damned proud of our troops. Before Mr. Desk Job Morford sits here and criticizes our troops who are facing a type of fight he can't even imagine, perhaps he should "embed" himself with them to experience it first hand. Why do people expect 100% perfection from our troops, while we fight these thugs who hide behind women and children? And how can we expect our troops to automatically trust a "civilian", when that trust can end in their death?

The body count? Where is the official body count? I haven't seen one yet. As a matter of fact, the Red Cross says it will be impossible to know how many Iraqi deaths were inflicted, and even more difficult to know which casualties were combatants and which were civies. But Mr. Morford has an official count, and will present it as such in a major newspaper. Editors? Where are the editors??

There is a connection between Iraq and 9/11. It's called terrorism. Our reaction to 9/11 was to fight terrorism. If you think that Saddam did not partake in terrorism, then you've had one bong hit too many.

And what, exactly, have we the American people won? What are the spoils of our victory? Let's look: A gutted U.S. economy, a record budget deficit, decimated civil liberties (the GOP now wants to make the draconian USA Patriot Act permanent), one of the most secretive and ruthless and warmongering administrations in 50 years and the outright derision and bitter resentment of much of the civilized world, of nearly every one of our former allies.

Hey, Mark... guess what? The economy (which can hardly be classified as "gutted", you fool. Take an Economics 101 class) was heading to hell in a handbasket before Mr. Bush took office. And it certainly didn't tank in the last three weeks as a result of this war, as you seem to be implying. The budget deficit? Weeell, that can be attributed to the "gutted economy." You know how the gov't gets its revenues, right? Taxes from you and I. Well, if we aren't working or spending, then Uncle Sam doesn't get his pay. So you can thank the previous administration for the current situation. Things like this don't happen in the course of several months, you dingbat. But I'll give you the Patriot Act-- that should go. I can't even respond to the last comment... it's just unanswerable.

Oh, and a bonus: the horrific, irrevocable reputation that we are now a power-mad rogue superpower that will attack anyone, for any reason, on the hollowest of bogus pretenses. Righteous!

Ah, but what are Bush's spoils? Let's look: His copious corporate pals get to rush in and install a nice puppet government to help the baffled Iraqis rebuild their hovels and "manage" their precious oil. There, there, now, Iraq, your brutal dictator is gone. Welcome to rampant capitalism. See if you can tell the difference.

Thank goodness he has enlightened us. We attacked "anyone" for "any reason"? Mr. Morford was obviously born yesterday, because he seems to be oblivious to Saddam's history, our history with Iraq, and the six-month tango with we did with the UNSC. I wouldn't put my money on this guy admitting he's wrong when we turn the keys over to the Iraqi government and pull out. Nope, he'll be bitching about other things.

But, more than that, Bush's regime gets a vital, strategic piece of the oil-rich power puzzle with which to strong-arm all Mideast comers. Our iron foot is now in the door. This was the point all along.

Look. We haven't won a single thing. We haven't defeated a deadly or truly threatening enemy. We have not lovingly promoted the causes of peace and freedom and hot vente mocha-caramel lattes for every starving child. Liberating an oppressed people is a wonderful thing indeed. The images of cheering Baghdadis are truly amazing. For about a week. But that result was never the point.

Right again. That was never the point. The point was to disarm. And you should be thankful that the United States does not subscribe to the policy of appeasement. But we've won a lot. And the Iraqi people have won more than we could ever know. But you will slap that to the side, because it doesn't fit in with your Bush hatred. I'm not going to even touch his use of the term "regime".

And we have not, in the slightest bit, reduced the threat of terrorism to our nation. In fact, we have done the exact opposite. We have, most likely, amplified that threat a hundredfold, a thousandfold. Look at those cluster bombs fall, those women decapitated. See the children scream, those Arab nations seethe and mourn, the world stare at us, appalled and horrified and angry. Do you feel safer now? Boy, I sure do. I feel like, like ... another tax cut for the wealthy! Yep, that oughta do it.

Well, considering the Arab world thought of us as gutless wonders, I would say we have reduced the threat of terrorism. We are not the cause, Mr. Morford, we are the effect. Get that through your thick skull. I feel much safer, thank you. And the French, Germans and Russians are so appalled and horrified that they are banging down our door to get a piece of the rebuilding pie. Their anger is really starting to scare me. A tax cut sounds GREAT, considering my paltry income makes me "wealthy." I can think of a lot of things I'd like to spend my well-earned money on, besides hand-outs for the lazy.

Quick show of hands: Who remembers the alleged reason we had to stomp Saddam in the first place? Wasn't it nukes? Chemical warfare? WMDs? Skanky mustache? Because, of course, we have found exactly nada. If he had any, and he was as vile as insane as we all seem to think, don't you think he would've used them by now? Go figure.

This guy is so typical of the apologist, terrorist-appeasing, liberal, we-miss-Bill crowd. No acknowledgement that toppling Saddam was good for the people, and no credit for an incredibly successful military campaign that ACTUALLY resulted in minimal civilian and US troop casualties. And the usual declaration that we have not found any WMDs. Never mind the fact that this war still goes on, and the search has barely begun. Nope, instead he will come up with the usual Bush bashing and liberal whining, and spew "facts" that he does not back up. Let's hope that he takes a fact-finding trip to Baghdad soon. Then maybe the Iraqis can give him a close-up look at the soles of their shoes.

You know what, I've just posted almost the entire article. The whole thing is just too good. And to come up with a response would be too much of a challenge.

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