Friday, April 11, 2003
Back to my favorite subject

I am on the email list of an American-born Israeli writer, Naomi Ragen. She sends a lot of interesting email, and I wanted to share a short one she sent in response to the Rachel Corrie bill (House Concurrent Resolution 111) that is being pushed through right now. In short, the resolution expresses sympathy for Rachel Corrie, who supported Palestinian terrorists, and burned the American flag.


A reader has said that he sees "nothing whatsoever that could be construed as anti-Israel or anti-Semitic in this resolution (The Rachel Corrie Bill). If anything, an investigation should clear the air regarding the circumstances of Ms. Corrie's death. Occasionally, you over-react!"

I don't think so.

The Rachel Corrie bill, that calls for a "full, fair investigation" of her death by the U.S. Congress and the Israeli government, and the expression of condolences" to her parents will not clear the air. Quite the opposite.

Singling out this incident for a 'full, fair investigation" implies that Israel hasn't already done that...Also, the Corrie's daughter doesn't deserve an ounce of sympathy. Nor do her parents more than the parents of Israelis (including many Americans living in Israel) whose children have been slaughtered by the same terrorists Ms. Corrie was protecting. What about the Esther and Judah Waxsman bill to offer sympathy for these Americans whose son Nachshon was brutally murdered by terrorists? Or the Kobi Mandel bill, to offer condolences to the Mandell family for the brutal murder of their 14 year old son by terrorists... And a "full, fair, investigation" of the Palestinian Authorities part in those deaths...Shall I go on?

Naomi Ragen

Write to your representative. Encourage them to vote against this Resolution, and instead vote in favor of House Concurrent Resolution 119. The quote below picks up from where the listing of Americans killed by Palestinian terrorism ends:

Whereas at least another 74 United States citizens have been injured in Palestinian terrorist attacks; and

Whereas the official Palestinian Authority television broadcast on March 14, 2003, of a live sermon calling for the destruction of the United States and Israel was a blatant attempt to incite violence against United States and Israeli citizens: Now, therefore, be it

Resolved by the House of Representatives (the Senate concurring), That Congress--

(1) condemns the attacks on United States citizens by Palestinian terrorists and demands that the Palestinian Authority work with Israel to protect all innocent individuals, regardless of citizenship, from terrorist atrocities; and

(2) offers its condolences to the families and loved ones of United States citizens who were killed by Palestinian terrorist attacks.

Sounds good to me. Why don't we spend our time on Americans who were doing NOTHING wrong, and were killed by acts of terrorism? Rachel Corrie may as well have been one of the terrorists....

As a side note: BIG SURPRISE! My former Representative, Tom Lantos, is co-sponsor of Res. 119, while my current commie Rep., Barbara Lee, is co-sponsoring Res. 111. Needless to say, I'm going to be writing a nice note to Ms. Lee.

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