Tuesday, April 08, 2003
ANSWER (What was the question?)

How anybody can get behind this group is beyond me. I feel the same about them as I do the KKK. Their propaganda rivals the stuff that comes from the Iraqi disInformation Minister:

Weekend of anti-war, anti-globalization demos planned in Washington

On Saturday, the group ANSWER -- which stands for Act Now to Stop War and End Racism [ed. note: Racism, unless it's directed towards the J E W S]-- expects tens of thousands of demonstrators to show solidarity with an international mobilization against the US-led war on Iraq.

"The whole world is watching to see if the people of the United States can intensify the power of the anti-war movement at the moment that the (President George W.) Bush administration is intending to slaughter tens of thousands of Iraqi people and occupy their country," ANSWER said while calling for a march to surround the White House on Saturday. [emphasis added]

Yes, the stated mission is to kills tens of thousands of Iraqis. We've done a great job so far, no? Considering our military might, I'd say this campaign has been an utter failure. We've only killed hundreds, so our troops better wake up and try a little harder, okay? We need to live up ANSWER's LSD-induced fantasy world.

ANSWER, which has led a series of mass demonstrations over the past several months against the war on Iraq, warns: "The war on Iraq is only one of the fronts on which the United States government is determined to build a world empire."

So not only have we failed to kill tens of thousands of Iraqis, but our Imperialistic Aspirations of World Domination have also fallen flat. I am embarrassed to be part of a country that can't get it right. Our Empire is .... just .... huge? Well, I honestly can't find our Empire on my map. It must be an outdated map.... I'll get back to you on that one.

I'm going to send my check to ANSWER today. They are a model of Amerikkkan Akkktivism, and I'm going to join them this weekend in their quest to crush the Amerikkkan Empire. Oh, and kill all J E W S.

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