Tuesday, April 01, 2003
American courage

Another in my long line of rants....

To those of you who think that we should be careful about "inflaming" the Arab street, and creating a thousand Osama's: get over it.

Anybody who thinks that we should back down in the face of terrorism aimed at the United States is giving into those terrorists. If I have to take a hit by these cowardly murderers in order to make the world safe for future generations, then I'm willing to make that sacrifice. To back down because the terrorists are making threats of jihad at the pulpit of their sacred mosques would be a cowardly injustice, not to mention very un-American.

For America and all that we value, I'm not afraid of another September 11. What we are doing now will take away their ability and their will to fight, and we are taking away one of their resources. We are chipping away at them in Afghanistan, in Iraq, in Israel (it's not "occupied" territory, as far as I'm concerned), in Asia... everywhere. It will take a long time, but my kids and my grandkids will be better off for it. I refuse to live in a France, whose foreign policy of appeasement is written under the duress of a fast-growing religious minority bent on world domination. I live in America, where our history is that of courage and freedom, not appeasement and fear. How can these Americans be so concerned about themselves that they can't see the bigger picture?

I personally am not afraid of these cowards. I'm not afraid of terrorism. I dare them to come here to my home. The United States isn't asleep any more. And those who want to appease the illiterate terrorists should wake up, too. There is such a thing as good and evil, and the United States, for all its warts, is pure good. Our good, backed up by our courage, will overcome their cowardly evil.

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