Thursday, March 06, 2003
Support our troops!

Via LGF: You can donate money to the USO for care packages for our forward-deployed troops. Just $25 buys one care package. This is a cheap, easy way to raise the spirits of our brave soldiers, who are probably feeling a little homesick. When my brother was overseas, we (w/Mom organizing) sent him care packages with tons of stuff: gameboy, walkman, sunflower seeds, kool-aid (to cover up the ick of de-salinated water), and I believe he really enjoyed getting the packages. Not only that, but I sent letters or cards at least twice per week, just so he knew I was thinking of him (also sent a couple of letters to his friends). I don't doubt the gesture lifted my spirits as much as his, in a kinda selfish way.

You can send your check to the USO:
USO World Headquarters
P.O. Box 70264
Washington, DC 20024

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