Sunday, March 23, 2003
Russian complicity?

The reports are shaky, and this story is just breaking (Fox has just reported): The Russians recently have sold jamming equipment to the Iraqis. And possibly up until last week, Russian technology experts were in Iraq training them how to use them. The UN back-stabbing is all becoming very clear....

If this turns out to be true, the Russians should be held accountable for Coalition casualties that result from their complicity with the Iraqi regime. I believe that we will see just how many of our "allies" have been working with the enemy, and those who criticize the US and embrace France, Germany and Russia will be shown for the fools that they are.

As soon as I find this story on the web, I'll post a link.


U.S. Concerned About Russian Weapon Sales

We'll see what happens with this. I just hope that these actions will not result in coalition or civilian casualties, if they haven't already.

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