Sunday, March 30, 2003
Palestinian murderers, in the name of Saddam

Palestinian terrrorists have struck again in Israel:

Palestinian Wounds 30 in Suicide Bombing

Baruch Hashem the terrorist only managed to kill himself. Good riddance. One more down, who knows how many to go? Now my thoughts and prayers are with the wounded. Several of them are said to be gravely injured.

Why is it that most news organizations can't bring themselves to call these terrorists what they are? Why must they insist on calling them "militants"? Was it a "militant" who was responsible for killing 30 Israelis as they sat down for Passover seder in this same town a year ago? Is killing innocent civilians considered militancy? Or is it terrorism? I'll go with the latter. And why is it so hard to grasp the true motives behind these barbaric murders? Isn't killing Jews and the destruction of Israel, a Jewish state, obvious or simple enough?

And thank goodness for the "racist" profiling that the Israelis are so damned good at: an Israeli soldier (or perhaps security guard) stopped the terrorist from going inside the cafe. If not for his awareness and the courage to confront this murderer, those 30 Israelis would have been killed.

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