Sunday, March 23, 2003
If this doesn't shut up the protesters...
Arab TV Shows Allegedly Captured Troops

If these are in fact coalition forces, and if, in fact, they have been executed after capture, I hope to God that the protesters will think twice about what they are doing. Let's put it this way: the Iraqi "troops" are being treated more humanely after surrender than while under Iraqi command. Our troops face torture and execution if and when they are captured. This is what the peaceniks want to leave as is: a tyrannical regime that has violated every single international law in the books. This just goes to show that Saddam doesn't care about the UN, and he doesn't care about the Geneva Convention. Keep protesting, you freaks-- and may the ghost of our troops haunt you for the rest of your lives.


Iraq Shows Dead and Captured U.S. Soldiers

God help them and all of our troops.

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