Tuesday, March 04, 2003
If only...

A program that is becoming part of my Sunday evening schedule is on C-SPAN: Prime Minister's Questions. It is so incredibly entertaining. It almost seems like a bunch of British folks hanging out at a pub, taking jabs at each other after a couple of pints. It resembles a Monty Python skit to Jim. If only our government had a weekly Q&A session with the President, where they could throw out all of the stiff decorum of the Senate/House floor and just heckle the hell out of each other... how sweet would that be? Then maybe Americans would actually take more of an interest in what their government is actually doing.

After watching this show a few times, I've gained much respect for Tony Blair. He's very articulate and has answers to just about every question. And he doesn't hesitate to "jab" back at his Conservative rival, the Hon. Iain Duncan Smith. When the two of them go at it, it's like a gentleman's joust.

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