Thursday, March 13, 2003
Friends and foes
France is making friends:

France Rejects British-Proposed Iraq Plan

As the United States tried to force a U.N. vote this week, the fissure in Europe over Iraq deepened Thursday: France rejected a British-proposed compromise resolution and London angrily accused Paris of pushing the world closer to war.

Iraq, reveling in the turmoil at the U.N. Security Council, rejected Britain's plan, which lists six disarmament requirements Baghdad would have to meet or else face "serious consequences."

... and enemies:

Britain Furious With France Over Iraq

In shockingly blunt language for allies, British officials assailed their French counterparts for blocking efforts to set a deadline for Iraq to disarm. Britain accused France of rejecting its proposal without considering it.

"What I find extraordinary (is) that without even proper consideration the French government have decided that they will reject these proposals," said British Foreign Secretary Jack Straw.

Iain Duncan Smith, leader of the opposition Conservative Party, emerged from a meeting with Prime Minister Tony Blair to say war appeared likely because of France.

"He (Blair) made the reason for this as the fact that the French have become completely intransigent," he told journalists.

The attacks reflected Britain's anger with what it sees as a cynical French ploy aimed at creating a French-led counterweight to the United States in world affairs.

And there you have it. The bottom line in this issue has nothing to do with whether or not Saddam is in compliance. It's all about power, or the new world order. France is simply trying frustrate things, and we are letting them succeed. If they really wanted to come to an agreement in the UNSC, they wouldn't pre-emptively veto any and all resolutions introduced by the US or Britain --and then turn around and offer one of their own.

Oh, and let's not forget France's "interests" in Iraq.

Dominique de Villepin's constant reference to this mythical "automatic war", and "rush to war", is like fingernails on a blackboard. Is 12 years a "rush"? Are these idle attempts at diplomacy considered "automatic war"?

Felicitation a Paris! Saddam is on your side!

Now Messrs. Bush and Blair-- let's roll.

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